How much will my custom rod cost?

I’m going to ask you a few questions. Just answer them as best as you can…


Common Questions:

Does it cost more to do a spiral wrap rod?
No, it does not.
Are guides under wrapped?
Yes and some guides are double over wrapped, except small guides such as micro guides.
Can blanks be cut?
Yes, within reason. Cutting the tip and/or butt will change the action and/or the power of the rod.
Do these rods come with a warranty?

On my end, I’ll rebuild damaged rods at a discounted price.

On the manufacturing side of things, most manufacturers provide their own type of warranty: either a limited, or limited lifetime warranty. The blank you choose will dictate the type of warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Note: Manufacturers will need to physically see any rod that has been labeld “defective”.